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The American Civil War, the antebellum political climate, and the Reconstruction Era were profound events in our history: events that still have an effect on our lives today.

The Grand Rapids Civil War Round Table is a group dedicated to studying the Civil War, the people who fought it, and promoting a broader understanding of the conflict and how it has shaped American history.

Our Round Table is a cooperative effort of volunteers offering their time and talents. We have regularly scheduled meetings throughout the year. Our membership is a cross-section of our community, representing all walks of life.

Many of our members have Civil War ancestors, some who fought for the North, and others who battled for the Confederacy. Some of our members are well versed in many aspects of the Civil War, while others have just a casual interest.

Whatever your level of knowledge, you will no doubt find some topic of interest. We have had presentations on lesser-known leaders, a look into the Lincoln the public didn’t know, and a current day surgeon who spoke on Civil War injuries and treatment of the wounded. Our speakers and presentations are always informative. And perhaps best of all, you don’t have to be a Civil War expert to belong to our organization and enjoy our programs. So you are invited to attend a meeting and to briefly step back in time as the presentation unfolds.

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