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October 21, 2015

David Finney
Civil War Soldiers

The Dewitt Student Center
Kuyper College
3333 East Beltline NE
Grand Rapids, Michigan​

 Doors open at 6:00 p.m.
Program begins at 7:30 p.m.

Bring some friends!
Dave Finney returns to the Grand Rapids Civil War Round Table to discuss his new book, 'Images of America:  Remembering Michigan's Civil War Soldiers.'  When the 1st Michigan Volunteer Infantry regiment arrived in Washington, DC, President Lincoln exclaimed: Thank God for Michigan! The state raised more than 90,000 men to serve during the Civil War, and 69 of them received the Medal of Honor. Notable Michiganders include Gens. Israel Richardson, Orlando Poe, Alpheus Williams, Orlando Willcox, and George Hartsuff, as well as The Boy General, George Armstrong Custer, and Officer Norman Hall, who was stationed at Fort Sumter when the war began. Featuring images of the 4th Michigan Cavalry, which captured Confederate president Jefferson Davis at the wars end, and never-before-published photographs of Wolverine soldiers.
Special Announcements:
P.T. Beauregard was the first Confederate soldier to be promoted to the rank of full general on August 31st, 1861.  The promotion was backdated to June 21st.

"The trouble with the commanders of the Army of the Potomac was that they never marched out to 'lick' anybody; all they thought of was to escape being 'licked' themselves."
                                         ~ Union Major General Philip H. Sheridan

Union Brigadier General James H. Wilson commanded the largest mounted force under a single leader in the history of North America.

"The first thing in the morning is drill, then drill, then drill again.  Then drill, drill, a little more drill.  Then drill, and lastly drill.  Between drill, we drill and sometimes stop to eat a little and have a roll call."
                                                           ~ Union Private Oliver W. Norton
                                                                   83rd Pennsylvania Regiment
                                                                                                October 9, 1861
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