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May 17, 2017


Open Round Table

DeWitt Student Center
Kuyper College
3333 East Beltline NE
Grand Rapids, Michigan

 Doors open at 6:00 p.m.
Program begins at 7:30 pm

Bring some friends!
Our program this month will be a true Civil War round table. We need you, and your fellow members, to bring Civil War related artifacts, pictures, documents, and stories to our May meeting to share them with the rest of the group.  You say you have your great-great-grandfathers ’61 Springfield? Bring it and tell us about it. You say you have your great-great-grandmothers letters that she received from her husband during the war? Bring them and tell us about them. You say you have some artifacts that you’ve collected and know something about their history? We want to see them and hear about them. You say you went to Petersburg on vacation this past summer? Bring the pictures and tell us about it. We really do want to see and hear about your Civil War antiques, histories, and vacations. No item or story is too big or too small.
"Dying on the field of battle and glory is about the easiest duty a soldier has to undergo."
                                                                                         ~ Sam R. Watkins,
                                                                               1st Tennessee Regiment

"Really, Mr. Lincoln, I have had enough of this show business."
                                                                       ~ General Ulysses S. Grant,
                                         Ducking a White House party in his honor

"Lee believed in his men and thought they could do anything that mortal could do.  His men worshipped him, and I think the greatest man the world ever saw was Robert E. Lee."
                                                                 ~ Sergeant John H. Worsham,
                                                                                  21st Virginia Infantry

"Lord!  What a scramble there'll be for  arm and legs, when we boys come out of our graves, on Judgement Day: wonder if we shall get our own again?  If we do, my leg will have to tramp from Fredericksburg, my arm from here, I suppose, and meet my body, where it may be."
                                                                ~ Anonymous Union Sergeant,
            Quoted by Louisa May Alcott in Hospital Sketches, 1863
Special Announcements:
Our Next Meeting

Membership fees for the 2016-2017 season will be $20.00.
Checks can be made out to GRCWRT.
Get your membership/renewal form on our 
Membership page or at the meeting.
Dues are based on the meeting year, September - June.

Refreshments at the May meeting will be provided by:

Civil War Notes
Civil War Artifacts