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Grapeshot referred to artillery shell containing two iron plates connected by a bolt, with nine or more iron balls between the plates.

"It will be difficult to get the world to understand the odds against which we fought."
                                                     ~ Confederate General Robert E. Lee
                                         in a letter to Major General Jubal A. Early
                                                                                                 March 15, 1866

"I shall come out of this fight and live a major general or a dead brigadier."
                                ~ Confederate Brigadier General Albert Perrin
             before the battle of Spotsylvania, in which he was killed
                                                                                                     May 12, 1864

Confederate Brigadier General Francis Redding Tillou Nicholls was removed from command after losing his left arm and left leg in battle.  He later served as governor of Louisiana for eight years.

September 18, 2019

To Be Announced
West Dining Room
DeWitt Student Center
Kuyper College
3333 East Beltline Avenue NE
Grand Rapids, Michigan

Doors open at 6:30 p.m.
Program begins at 7:00 pm

Bring some friends!
The Grand Rapids Civil War Round Table is on it's summer break.  We will be back in September.  We wish you all a safe and blessed summer.  See you in the Fall.
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