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October 15, 2014
Ben Cwayna
South Carolina Brigade in Lee’s Army of Northern Virginia

The Dewitt Student Center
Kuyper College
3333 East Beltline NE
Grand Rapids, Michigan​

 Doors open at 6:00 p.m.
Program begins at 7:30 p.m.
Bring some friends!
Ben Cwayna will be making his first appearance to the Grand Rapids Civil War Round Table with his presentation on Maxcy Gregg/Samuel McGowan South Carolina Brigade in Lee’s Army of Northern Virginia.

​Ben is an attorney at law in Grand Ledge and is an avid Civil War reenactor with the 12th South Carolina and 4th Michigan Volunteer Infantry.
Special Announcements:
The Union army purchased approximately 370,000 handguns during the Civil War.  The Colt and Remington .44-caliber and .36-caliber six-shooters were the most reliable and favored pistols.

Lieutenant Thomas Lafayette Rosser was in the Confederate artillery when he shot down one of Union General George B. McClellan's observation balloons.  He was rewarded by being promoted to Captain.  He was wounded three times but kept persevering and rising in rank.  Rosser eventually earned the rank of Major General.  After the war, he became the chief engineer of the Northern Pacific Railroad.

The battle of Shiloh was fought on April 6 & 7 in 1862 and involved over 100,000 combatants.  The clash is often referred to as "The first great modern battle."
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Civil War Notes
Maxcy Gregg                             Samuel McGowan