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Bands performed on the home front to stir patriotism and spur recruitment, and were used on the battlefield to inspire the troops.  In May 1861 the Union War Department approved twenty-four man brass bands for each infantry or artillery regiment.  Cavalry regiments were allowed sixteen man bands.  Confederates also had their own bands, and some nights during the lull between combat, musicians on both sides blended their music for the weary troops on both sides.  By July 1862, the Union adjutant general ordered the volunteer regimental brass bands be disbanded because they cost too much.  This left most units with just their drum corps.

Wing Commander, General "Stonewall" Jackson, angrily offered to submit his resignation when he was ordered to return to Winchester, Virginia in March of 1862.

Artillerists would sometimes dig trenches in which to place the tail end of their cannons in attempt to shoot at the enemies observation balloons.
!!! We are changing our meeting facility !!!
We are now meeting at:

Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary
2965 Leonard Street NE
Grand Rapids, Michigan

The Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary is located on the north side of Leonard Street just west of the East Beltline.
We will be meeting in the Chapel of the Seminary.
There is no food or drink allowed in the Chapel.
Our snacks will be in a separate room, near the Chapel.

Our Meetings for
October, and
November of 2020
Are Cancelled

!!! We Have Moved !!!

Puritan Reformed
Theological Seminary
2965 Leonard Street NE
Grand Rapids, Michigan
We will meet in the Chapel
(See Details Below)

Doors open at 6:30 p.m.
Program begins at 7:00 pm
!!  Our September - November 2020 meetings are cancelled  !!

It is with great sadness that we must cancel our meetings for the first part of our 2020-2021 season.
This includes 2020 meetings for
September, October, and November.

These changes are due to the State imposed meeting restrictions due to the COVID19 Virus.

We hope to resume our schedule in January of 2021.
If the situation changes,
we will post new information as soon as we can.

We will be meeting at the 
Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary.
We will provide more information when we have it.

Special Announcements:
Our Next Meeting

Membership fees for the 2020-2021 season will be $20.00.
Checks can be made out to GRCWRT.
Get your membership/renewal form on our 
Membership page or at the meeting.
Dues are based on the meeting year, September - June.
Civil War Notes
Grand Rapids 1856

!! Cancelled !!