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The Yankee guns are of greatly improved range.  Their guns larger and their Iron Clads far more formidable then at first.  Some of their shells pass over Fort Sumpter.  The attack is evidently in earnest and made with more method and determination, and with greatly improved practice.
                                                                         ~  Letter date July 16, 1863
                                  from Confederate spy Rose O'Neal Greenhow 
                                            to Confederate President Jefferson Davis

The United States begins issuing demand notes on July 17th 1861.  They were commonly called "greenbacks".

Braxton Bragg moved his men by railroad from Tupelo, Mississippi to Chattanooga, Tennessee, a distance of over 770 miles.  It was the largest troop movement by rail during the Civil War by the Confederates.

Tennessee becomes the first state readmitted to the Union following the Civil War on July 24th, 1866.

The Hazen Brigade Monument in Tennessee was built in early 1863 at Stones River.  It is the oldest intact Civil War monument in the nation.

The prisoner population at Camp Sumter, Andersonville, Georgia peaked at 33,000 inmates in August of 1864.  Up to 100 inmates a day were dying during this peak period.

May 18, 2022

Wally Ewing

From Home to Trench:
The Civil War Letters of
Mack and Nan Ewing

We Meet At:
Puritan Reformed
Theological Seminary
2965 Leonard Street NE
Grand Rapids, Michigan

Doors open at 6:30 p.m.
Program begins at 7:00 pm
The Grand Rapids Civil War Round Table welcomes Wally Ewing and his presentation about the letters written by his great-grandparents, "From Home to Trench: The Civil War Letters of Mack and Nan Ewing".  Henry McKendree "Mack" Ewing was a soldier in the Union's Second Michigan Infantry.  He and his wife Nancy "Nan" Ewing exchanged letters between themselves as well as other family and friends.  The family's collection of 291 Civil War-era letters, along with scrap books, diaries, etc., were recently given to the Archives of Michigan.  It is rare to hear about such a collection from a family member and historian.  Come here Wally's stories about his family.
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